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After independently stanning Trader Joe’s for years, Katie Bravo and Evie Carpenter discovered their mutual love for the bell-ringing, Hawaiian shirt-wearing grocery chain.


They birthed Trader Hoes, a Trader Joe's fan podcast, in January 2019, thanks to several leaps of faith, some deeply discounted mics and a generous amount of Two Buck Chuck. 


They now have a dedicated, international  following of Hoes who tune in every week to find out what Katie and Evie are throwing in their cart -- or throwing in the trash. 

Katie Bravo.png

Besides being a loyal Trader Ho, Katie is also a co-founder of and frequent performer in Bar Flies, a monthly live storytelling event in Phoenix.


Always in her TJ's cart: dark chocolate peanut butter cups, frozen Indian food, tea tree face wipes and cheese. Literally any cheese. 

Evie Carpenter.png

Evie spends her time outside of the TJ's snack section in the marketing and advertising world of Phoenix and with her camera in hand, ready for an impromptu shoot at anytime. 


Always in her TJ's cart: Bamba,  jalapeño chicken sausage, almond butter, some treats for her pups and wine. Always wine. 

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